Time seems to fly when you are trying to put together a big project like this. It feels like it was only yesterday around Christmas time that I came up with this idea to build a Spitfire and then fly it around the world. Looking back, where on earth has all that time gone since then?!

I have been very very busy actually. I have met with many useful contacts who have made great introductions, have taught me about potential pitfalls and have provided immeasurable amounts of advice among other things. I have signed up a number of small sponsors to help out with certain parts of the project and I seem to be speaking with a whole armada of people who just want to help.

This is all great, but as ever with projects like these, such as sailing around the world or driving around the world, there are fundamentals that need to be ticked. A number of previous fundamentals were quite naturally getting a boat, getting a car, affording sails, affording fuel etc. My biggest fundamental missing at the moment is getting the aircraft onto UK soil so that we can begin building it.

I am already beginning to tie up a number of potential venues to build it in, high profile organisations that want to help out and look at the vast amounts of paperwork involved in getting the aircraft certified, but even so, I am still on the hunt for a main sponsor.

I have resumed a part of my flight training as well. Some readers may remember that I did begin my flight training a couple of years ago with Cabair. I built up close to 20 hours with them and completed 6 out of 7 of my ground exams. I am now knuckling down into the books again to refresh myself on all the ground theory as I will have to complete these exams again. I am actually quite enjoying it and piece by piece it is all coming back to me which is a good sign.

So there is my update on where I am at the moment, there is vast amounts happening and hopefully over the coming weeks, I will have some very good news.


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