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Wow, is it really 2014 already? It feels like 2013 has absolutely flown by!

As my dad pointed out to me earlier, this should be a pretty big year for me. It’s the culmination from many years of seriously hard work. Looking back all the way to 2009 when I was sailing solo around the world, if I remember correctly, I was in the southern ocean when I first came up with the idea to fly solo around the world. I thought to myself at the time that it was such a great idea simply because I didn’t have a clue what it entailed. I suppose that was what really drew me to the project as having sailed and been around water my whole life, I really wanted something new and flying would become that.

The years have gone by and I’ve kept myself busy with other adventures such as yacht racing in Australia and most recently driving around the world, but I have always had this flying project ticking over in the back of my head and I now really believe that if ever there was a year for it to happen, this is it! 2014 has the green light to go!

I am in the final stages of raising the necessary sponsorship and I expect to be able to announce some great news regarding that shortly. Finding parters to believe in you is always hard, but I feel that I am well on the right track and am now surrounding myself with a great team which will be fundamental to the success of this flight.

My flight training is well on track also. I have stormed past the 100 hour milestone and have only a few hours left to complete before I am able to begin my multi engine instrument rating. I have already passed all the necessary ground exams so am really looking forward to getting stuck in with the flying!

It’s especially important to say thank you to all the people who have kindly supported me so far throughout 2013 and onto 2014. I simply wouldn’t be where I am now without all of your support. There are so many people who have helped, and as I know that a fair few of you read this.. Thank you! Special thanks also must go to the whole team at Biggin Hill ranging from EFG Flying School, to the airport team themselves who kindly waived my landing & circuit fees during my training there. I also hope to announce a few other Biggin based partners soon!

Let’s make 2014 a great year with an amazing flight around the world!! (I may have just gotten goose bumps writing that!!)

Here’s a few of my latest flying photos below!


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