None of my adventures would be possible without the amazing support from my Sponsors!


Platinum Sponsor:

Spaceships Rentals

Spaceships Rentals are a very key partner to my project. Why? It’s simple, they are providing the Spaceships that I will be driving around the world.

I always wanted a cool vehicle to take around the world, and taking a Spaceship certainly fits that ambition nicely. Not only does the Spaceship have a double bed in the back, a fridge and loads of space – it’s bright orange so everyone should be able to see me coming!



Gold Sponsor:

World First

World First are foreign exchange specialists. They are playing a key part in my project by assisting me in getting the best rates for the numerous international currency transactions that I have to do before and throughout my adventure around the world.

The savings possible by using these guys over a traditional bank are pretty amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone towards their service if you need to transfer money abroad.



Silver Sponsor:

Hill Dickinson

The team at Hill Dickinson have been a supporter of mine for a number of years now. I am always very happy to receive their fantastic advice on all matters legal.




Supporting Sponsors:


QED Productions

QED Productions are a local Potters Bar company and it is great to see some local support behind the project. QED Productions provide audio visual production services from equipment hire to management of large scale audio visual projects.




Allianz have kindly provided me with third party insurance cover in Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in advance of my arrival there. As you can imagine, insuring a 20 year old on a foreign vehicle on the other side of the world is pretty hard, yet Allianz have made this process incredibly easy. Thanks guys!




Real Russia

Real Russia have provided me with my Russian and Mongolian visas. It has been a pleasure to have them on the team as they have made this process super easy. I would recommend anyone travelling to Russia or Mongolia to speak to these guys.





NAVO has organised my China Visa’s and Permits. This is notoriously difficult and having NAVO on the team has made this process nice and smooth. Special thanks to Tracey for all her hard work!






SIGN A RAMA have kindly provided all the graphics for the Spaceships around the world. Very handily, their workshop is only 1 mile away from my house, and so it’s been very easy to have the logo’s fitted. It has also been fascinating seeing and learning the best ways to apply the logos to the spaceship. One thing is for sure, with all the logo’s on her, she will definitely make a mark in a crowd.




G COMM are my satellite communications partner and have been fantastic in getting me the best possible rate for my iridium phone minutes & data.






Clearpoint weather have been a long term partner of mine for a few years now. Clearpoint have provided all of my weather modelling which has been very reliable.





Survival Wisdom

Survival Wisdom, working alongside ShelterBox have proven invaluable in giving me not just survival advice, but also some tips on a huge array of other good useful things that I’m sure will come in very handy throughout my adventure. They have also provided me with some survival kit which I will be taking around the world.




Asset Management

Remote Asset Management (RAM) have provided me with the perfect tracking solution that I can take with me from vehicle to vehicle so everyone can follow my progress and see where I am in real time.





Remote Wireless Logic

The  data SIM card inside my RAM Tracking device constantly ‘beams’ back information about my location from all around the world.