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I have recently been studying hard for my Instrument Rating exams. I have to pass all of these before I am able to really crack on with the genuine flying training. I sat my first 4 Instrument exams a couple of weeks ago and having received the results yesterday, I’m pleased to say that I averaged a 95.5% pass mark! I’m pretty surprised it’s so high but I am secretly a little proud as it shows that my hard work is paying off.

I am now back again studying virtually every day as I learn all about Flight Planning, Meteorology and Instrumentation. I have a number of textbooks and I’m also using some online software which is proving to be really handy. I only have a few weeks before I sit these exams so I have to get cracking!

I haven’t been flying for the last couple of weeks as frustratingly I tripped over not so long ago and have done a little bit of damage to a ligament in my knee. I’ve decided that the safest thing to do is let it heal properly before I get up in the air again just to be totally safe. Also, having seen the recent weather, I’m not sure there would have been many opportunities to go flying anyway.

Right, time to go back to the studying!