The end of 2014 came with a bang as I once again sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. This was my 5th Atlantic crossing so it certainly feels like I am gradually being an old man of the sea now. It took us only 14 days to get from Gran Canaria to St Lucia and I was pleased to have a fabulous crew of 16 to keep me company unlike my previous crossings which were a tad more on the lonely side!
Moving on into 2015, I certainly haven’t been resting on my laurels as despite having no such luck in finding concrete sponsorship to fly around the world despite some hopeful leads, I am still firmly determined in achieving my commercial pilots licence. To help fund this rather expensive flying licence, I have spent a good deal of time recently working for the Tall Ships Youth Trust and I am pleased to report that I am now signed off to skipper their 72ft around the world global challenge yachts. These are 50tonne steel work horses that will take on any conditions that you throw at them. We can take up to 18 people on board so to skipper these, it is as much about man management as it is about sailing skill.
I have also been plugging away at flying and this summer alongside my sailing work, I plan on completing my hour building allowing my to work on achieving my commercial licence and instrument rating over the coming winter. I currently have around 120hours in my logbook and I need to reach approximately 160 before I can start my commercial and instrument rating course!
The fun never seems to stop in my life, and hopefully, come the start of 2016, I will be a much stronger position to fly around the world, or perhaps look at other piloting opportunities if the right doors open.