Youth Sydney Hobart Campaign

On the 26th December 2011, myself and 9 other teenagers crossed the start line in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race. We were pitting ourselves against the best in the business. We certainly taught the ‘old boys’ a few lessons!

The team began training a full three months prior to the race. We knew we had a rather large mountain to climb as we were training to beat sailors who had done this race 10 times before!






Our training in Sydney combined inshore manoeuvres, start sequences, straight line speed, offshore living and most importantly communications. We then also did a full race dry run down to Hobart a month in advance of the race. This dry run taught the whole crew a huge amount, and also it taught us just how tiring the actual race would be.

I was navigating on board and so it was my job to pick the optimum route from Sydney down to Hobart. This was pretty tough as there are many factors to consider with the weather and also the East coast current that runs south into the Bass Straight. Throughout the whole race, the one design fleet that we were sailing in was incredibly close and usually only separated by 5 miles or so. This meant that I didn’t get much sleep as I was watching the other guys very closely!





The last 24 hours leading up to the finish were nail biting with 5 boats in our class only separated by one mile! We were in second place as we sailed across storm bay and into the Derwent river. We managed to hold this position all the way to the finish and we were so elated and ecstatic as we crossed the finish line. The 3rd placed yacht was only 4 minutes behind us!