I love speaking about all of my adventures

I am available to speak to any groups whether they be youth, corporate or social. I have spoken at a vast variety of locations from the Isle of Man to Hong Kong and even Australia.

Over the last few years, I have spoken at close to 100 events.

Please get in touch via the contact section for further details and fees.







What Clients Say

“Mike, Just a note of thanks for your terrific presentations at the Sydney Boat Show. Not only were your presentations compelling & entertaining, but your enthusiasm & good humour was infectious. Add your good dose of consistency & reliability and one couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate speaker. Mike, you never missed a beat. Hope you are having a good time in Australia, and I look forward to crossing paths at some time in the future. Cheers, Tim”
Tim Stackpool, Sydney Boat Show

I was delighted that Mike was our after dinner speaker to raise funds for Project 21, an Isle of Man based charity representing five learning and disability charities on the Island.  Mike captured the attention of over 150 members of the Island’s business community, telling the story of his round the world adventure and the challenges he had to overcome.  The dinner was a tremendous success with over £11,000 raised and I received plenty of feedback from attendees on how refreshing it was to attend a dinner where the speaker was totally unique.  Mike also presented to two schools on the same day with children ranging from age 5 through to 18.  To see a school hall filled with 5-10 year olds all with their hands in the air when it came to Mike taking questions was remarkable.  Whether it is addressing a room of senior business professionals, a class of infant/junior pupils, or students close to his own age, Mike is entirely in his comfort zone and I would not hesitate in recommending any individual, company or organisation to engage with Mike.
Sean Christian, Managing Director, Canada Life International

Hi Mike, can I firstly say a HUGE thank you for taking the time to visit TLG yesterday.  We really enjoyed getting to know you and seeing your impact on the young people.  As I indicated over lunch, the young people were much more responsive than they would usually be to visitors.  You have a great way of relating and tapping into their dreams and hopes.  Your clever use of analogies to help them understand what you achieved, really brought each of the sessions to life.  And the outcomes were great…….young people speaking about their dreams of becoming a joiner, going to college and Amy’s dream of looking after street kids in Africa.  We’re already working out how we can help to make these things happen, and without your visit, young people wouldn’t have made those commitments.
Tim Morfin, Chief Executive, The Lighthouse Group