Driving Around the World

After sailing around the world solo back in 2009, I decided to do something bigger and better!  At the start of 2012 I hatched a plan to become to first person to have solo circumnavigated the world by land, sea and air. This involves 3 circumnavigations and Driving Around the World will complete the second part of my three part challenge.

There was a huge amount of preparation to do in advance of an adventure like this and I spent the whole beginning of the 2o12 kickstarting the project. I gained sponsors and worked out my route which will took me through 19 countries. The project took 5 months exactly.

All my mileage and CO2 emissions have been offset to make it as green an adventure as possible.

I am often asked why I do these adventures and the answer is simple. I strive to make my life one giant adventure!

An important part of the adventure for me was raising awareness and funds for the Disaster Relief charity ShelterBox. Throughout my journey I will be visited 5 locations where ShelterBox have sent aid before with a plan to show the world just how much of a difference the aid you send makes.