Since completing my last ATPL exams, I have been trying to enjoy myself as much as possible. I haven’t had this ‘broken up from school’ feeling since I was 16! Not having to study every day and worry about exams has been lovely and I’m glad to have gone through the same ATPL ‘rite of passage’ that every pilot has to do. Having a strong set of results under my belt bolsters my confidence that I am made of the right stuff to brome a pilot.

Since my exams, I’ve made sure that I’ve gotten out sailing as much as possible to take advantage of the superb weather that we currently have. I’ve gotten my hands on a laser dinghy that I now race fairly often and it’s been superb to go back to the basics and feel the rush of the wind on my face. Above is a picture of me playing alongside a rather famous cruise ship. I’ve also done a fair bit of sailing with the Tall Ships Youth Trust recently. In fact out of the last 4 weeks, I have spent 3 of them at sea!